Announcing Lift Off and Flight Plan

If you ever wanted to make new Rails apps just like a member of the Iora Health you are now in luck! We have released two new libraries on Github solely for the provisioning of new Rails applications.

Lift Off

Lift Off is a Ruby based CLI that will create a new Rails application based upon our template. It’s very simple to use. Just install it like so:

gem install lift_off

And then create a new application:

lift_off RapBattle
cd rap_battle
rails g scaffold MozillaZillYall

So easy!

Flight Plan

Flight Plan is a living, breathing Rails application that we use as our template. It has a nice collection of libraries that we use on every Rails app we make that I believe represents a very cutting edge tech stack. It should leave you in a great place to start crafting code!

Why not a Rails Template?

I’ve used Rails templates in the past and I believe that they are extremely hard to maintain. I think an evolving Rails application ends up working out really well long term for keeping up to date. I want our curated choices of libraries to evolve over time – the barrier to modifying the template should be low.


I hope you can get some enjoyment out of our curated Rails stack. Let me know how it goes for you if you build an app from Lift Off!